A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Came to Owen Sound a day early (cuz it was the easiest ride up in this direction). Got caught up to speed by Anne... sounds like a fun week ahead. Now its almost midnight and I am alone in an empty house (sans TV, sans icq, sans much of anything) and feeling a wee bit lonely. If I was able to sleep I'd be okay but I'm either not tired enough, or too damned cold again.

I'm thinking of walking to a local diner for breakfast in the morning. Although why I've got greasy fried-eggs and toast on the brain this time of night is beyond me.

I bought four really good books today (at Elliot's on Younge with the gift cert from my CWY partypants) but for some reason I didn't bring ANY of them with me. And there is a CD player somewhere in this house but I am too cold and too lazy to go look for it ... so after I finish complaining I am just going to crawl back into bed and sulk myself to sleep.

Oh, another thing, a friend and I were talking on-line yesterday (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!) and she got me reflecting about some stuff (enough that I am almost starting to feel guilty) and its just sort of something I can't shake and its driving me nuts because its got me wondering if maybe she's right and I'm in some kind of weird denial about this all and at the same time I can't imagine changing anything and so I am not sure what to do about 1) how she's feeling or 2) my interaction with this other person. sigh. Maybe I am just thinking too much.
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