A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Okay. So I did it. I went back to the tattoo place today and got some ink. I've been wanting to get rid of the goofy-too-dark-too-backwards "Hey, what's that on your leg" flutterbye tattoo for ages. So I talked to this guy Wayne about doing some cover up work.

Today I went to his place with one of the Katimavik participants to hold her hand while she got a ladybug on her shoulder (20 min, 60$, cute but small). We started talking around 2:30pm, and by 4:30pm he'd designed me an awesome tattoo. Sit in the chair, he says:"An hour and a half," I say go for it... we get going and MAN oh MAN...

We start to talk, we start to tinker, we pool our ideas and the tattoo gets bigger and Bigger and BIGGER.

THREE AND A HALF HOURS LATER, its GORGEOUS! (I probably won't have time to take a pic of it with my sister's web cam until I get back from Victoria... but trust me on this!)

I am in love with it. And I figure, after 6 hours of his time, 3.5 hours under the needle, and 525$ spent on the thing, if anyone says anything negative about it, I've earned the right to punch them square in the nose.

But its really wonderful. I won't even try to describe it here. You'll have to be patient and wait for the pic. Best investment in art I ever made.
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