A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Tattoo report:

Just took off the bandage for the tattoo. It was supposed to be left on for 24hours (its a special "lets the wound breathe" kind of bandage)... but the tattoo was seeping so much that there was liquid in my sock, so I decided that 16 hours instead of 24 would have to suffice. So I just washed it and put a really small amount of polysporin on it. Its a bit tacky so I am giving it some air before I put back on some loose pants. I don't want it to be dry-dry, but its a bit gummy right now.

There's a couple places where there looks to be more skin than yellow ink. I'll have to wait to see how it looks when its healing. Might have to get that touched up. But on the whole, its doing okay.

Feels like a really huge charley horse right now. I'm semi-limping around today. Not so much pain that I need a tylenol, but not exactly pleasant either. Hopefully now that its uncovered it will stop seeping.
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