A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

p.s. Almost forgot the "State of the tattoo address"...

SORE SORE SORE OW OW OW .. feeling all day like the entire area is pins&needles numb tingly hot burning owy owy owy ow!

Dropped by the shop and Wayne told me that it looks really good and I am using the right amount of product and wearing lose enough clothes etc etc. He suggested the pain would go away soon enough and not to be paranoid its all fine.

I'm leaving tomorrow for two days in Niagara Falls and two days in Toronto (10 participants and their new supervisor in tow).. so I just wanted to make sure my leg wasn't going to be falling off.

I've been known to let infections just kind of get worse and worse and not see a doctor (again, leucosia could tell you a "holding the kitten" story ... nevermind)

p.s. Its now 02.04.02... I was expecting that my issues with getting into my LJ were some kind of April Fool's hack... but nothing is working for me still... sigh
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