A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Got two pieces of snail mail today. Woo hoo. Something from a participant of mine from Thailand. She misses Canada. Asked if I can find her a Canadian boyfriend so she can have a better chance of coming back someday. heh heh.

And I got jedi_waffle's zine today. Its making me consider doing my own zine thing. We'll see.

I had a great three days at the Ecology Retreat Centre in Mattawa, ON helping out with a Katimavik rotation camp. Thing that drove me nuts is that the place has the worst ever waste disposal system. No compost. No recycling (not even simple tins and plastic). I mean, sheesh, its an ECOLOGY centre!

I miss the Owen Sound crew already. Had a blast up there. I am dreaming of a new tattoo again already. I am thinking I should be able to afford it late july. I'll scan in my ideas sometimes.

My newest is in the flaky peeling looking like a sunburn stage of healing. My smaller tattoos never went through this but apparently its normal and can last 7-10 days! Eeeek.

Boggles me how many people give me different (opposing) ideas for tattoo care. Use cream, Don't use cream. Use a petroleum based antibiotic, Don't use anything petroleum based. Clean it three times a day, let it be. Wear loose clothing to cover it, let it breathe in the air. Etc etc. I am just following verbatim the directions given to me by the artist cuz basically, he's the one who'll be doing any touch-up work if its needed and I'd rather say: "I did exactly what you told me to do" than, I followed some other schmoes advice and obviously it didn't work. heh heh.

When its not so gross to look at, I'll scan in a pic. I promise.
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