A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Cool weekend. ET Thurs night, Sasha and Digweed Fri, wedding on Sat.. and now home to do laundry and get packed for Victoria.

The wedding was really a new experience for me. Pete's Dad is part of a whole community of musicians and dancers and so many people were doing presentations and they were all really spectacular.

During the actual service Pete's dad sang a song (accompanied by a few singers on stage with him) to his bride, and practically the whole audience joined in for the chorus and it seriously brought tears to my eyes. Especially when Pete's mom sitting next to me joined in.

Another touching moment was when Lynn (up on stage) made eye contact with Margot (sitting next to me) and mouthed "Thank you for being here" and Pete's mom turned to me and said, "I'm here for Lynn you know, not Tam." Made me start to imagine my mother going to my father's next weddding. Not a likely happening.

We stayed to watch Shona do this wacked (looks dangerous) group dance with these bending two handled swords that get interlocked and look like they could seriously crush someone's hands if any dancer turned the wrong direction. Glad we stayed that late. It was worth the wait.

Okay. Off to Tim Horton's then time to hit the road. :)
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