A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

My mom is basically the only person in the world that can reduce me to tears without a moments notice.

Sure, its prolly the PMS too. But she just gets me so upset sometimes.

Calls me up now to ask why I haven't taken her car in to be serviced (as if I was told to take it in at 8am).. she couldn't call me at 8am to make sure it was on its way.. nope, just calls me now to tell me I've fucked up.

Last night when I asked her what time to take it, she said: "There's no appointment, just take it in and see if they'll look at it."

Man, she's the only person (besides my sister -- who's a button pusher sometimes) who knows how to just get me so upset over basically nothing.

If this was a work situation, I'd be all cool, calm, collected, getting things sorted out in no time flat. But because its my mom, I'm snivelling and teary and just plain wussing out.

Update: I of course called and left my mom an apology on her voice mail. Not fair for me to take out my emotional rollercoaster day on her head
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