A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

In Pearson Airport at the moment. Almost two hours early for my flight. Crazy day so far so its much appreciated break.

Hardly slept last night again because of coughing uncontrollably due to my allergy to my sister's two cats. Went into the bathroom around 2:30am turned on the hot water to breathe some steam and either passed out or fell asleep (smashed my right side against the tub... nasty bruise) ... came to around 4am and the water was running cold. Dragged myself back to bed. Slept from about 8am until 10am... woke up and rushed to a 10:30am appointment with my esthetician.. get there... the appointment was for 10... she couldn't fit me in any other time so I'll see her when I get back in two weeks ... leucosia be prepared for bushy-browed\mustached girl!

Went to the Clarke for an appointment with my sister.. her doctor was running behind. We left at 3:45 (20 mins late) to discover our car about to be towed (meter ran out at 3:30pm)... had to pay the guy $47.08 to get him to release the vehicle from the grasp of his chains.. better than $180 if it had been impounded I guess.

But yikes what a day! And they say bad things come in threes. Let's hope its nothing flight related. I've had enough bad flight stories (Seattle trip for example... hey breau... you never did shave your head!!!)...

Anyway, this is a pricey 0.30$ \ minute BELL terminal so I'd better scram. Can't telnet from here into my mail which is one more pisser for today :(

See you all when I get back, and leucosia on Sunday!!!
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