A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

In Vancouver for the weekend. Visiting my aunt Klare today and tomorrow and going to have lunch with Super on Sunday before heading back to Victoria.

Seems like a lot of stuff has been happening at home (zang do you know about all this?) My sister has 1) bought a car, 2) got a full time job and 3) rented an apartment as of May 15 to move in with her bf. Am I crazy in thinking that this is too much too fast for someone who 1) spent two weeks at the Clarke last month and 2) spent an evening last week in the hospital because she was smoking pot (only a few puffs) and had some kind of psychotic episode.

It just really concerns me that Kyle (the bf) is a big pot smoker and unemployed ... and that they're moving into a 2-bedroom-785$/month apartment together.

But I guess that's their choice. And my mom is all supportive. But wow. A LOT to happen in the less than two weeks I've been gone.
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