A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Awake this late/early... but had a fun night chatting with czircon and catching up with the Gibbon. (I wrote Gibbon first, but somehow its one of those nicknames that needs a "the" *shrug* He'll prolly disagree.)

Got a new favourite song of the moment.. so it wasn't a fruitless night.

Glad to be back in Ontario. But equally missing B.C.

Going to Ottawa on Sunday for my cousin's baptism. He's thinking of becoming a pastor. I can see him being excellent at it. Will be a quick-in-quick-out kind of visit tho, with more driving time than visit time. But I do want to be there for his big day. Won't have a chance to hook up with Marn tho so that sucks.

Wonder if Rebecca is back from Thailand yet. Want to hook her and Noah up if I can since they're both about to head out west to plant.

Okay. Bedtime before the birds sing too loud for me to fall asleep.
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