A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Woke up from a whack crazy dream but now I have all this energy... feel like going out tonight. Might hunt down zang if he's around, or go on a Tim-is-the-birthday-boy-getting-smashed-tonight search. *shrug*

But, get this, mom and Cass ordered chinese food for dinner tonight and got ZIP ZERO NOTHING vegetarian. So I think I'll be eating leftovers or salad or something :(

Had a wikked cool chat this morn/aft with kisama ... love it when we get back in a chatty cycle. Sometimes we drift for months hardly saying more than our typical hellos and I love yous.

Went for lunch with my oh-too-married-friend again today. Yummy fun time, but very chaste. Ah well.

In general things are good. Specifically, there are lots of areas in my life that need improvement.
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