A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Just woke up to the phone ringing LD from Calgary. Got all excited then discovered it was an employer seeking a job reference for one of my participants. Groggily got myself together and sold her as organized, responsible, self-motivated and "the person for you!" I've given same chiquita about 5 references over the past couple months. She's a real job-hound. Hope she sticks with this one for awhile.

My allergies are KILLING me today. My nose is red and scratchy, eyes watering, I am sneezing up a storm, my lungs ache and I've hives on my right leg from ass cheek to ankle. My sister is only taking TOC with her when she leaves. Anyone want a white, short haired, fixed, lovely *sneeze* female cat ??? Its looking for a new home as of May 15. Her name is Carol and she's very affectionate. She's got all her shots etc etc. She belonged to my grandmother, and then my aunt, then my uncle, all three of whom have passed away in the past couple years. BUT, she isn't a killer cat! (Even though I feel like she's killing ME!)
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