A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Okay. So I don't like to pass on a lot of forwards... but I like the idea of this one, so I am going to LJ post my answer instead of sending it to everyone on my list. And NO bad luck or bad karma or bad sex or bad chinese food will come your way if you choose not to follow my lead.

The e-mail said: "Open your inbox and write one compliment or nice thing about each person who's mail you haven't deleted or haven't yet responded to. Send this "love letter" to all the people in your address book and ask them to do the same. Share a little love. The world will be a happier place!

So because not all my e-mail friends have LJs and perhaps some would prefer not to see their name on a web page I am just using the pre @mailprovider.com part of their e-mail address (if it is an LJ user tho, I've substituted his/her username). Here goes, in no particular order (just top-down my inbox list):

amandalinkletter - It makes me feel great when you get excited to see me or to talk to me. Your energy is amazing. I really hope I can come travel some of AU in the next year or so.

shmanny - You're honestly the most strikingly beautiful woman I know. Zeb and I were talking about that when we picked you up from the TTC way back when. You've just got a confidence and style about you that's really awesome. Oh yeah, and you're always wearing great shoes!

m_west20 - You're incredibly creative and of all my past participants, your forward e-mails are the only ones I read consistently. You pick out some great laughs and amusing insights. So many people just pass on chain letters and survey crap.

karmyna - I miss you. Its incredible to think its been almost 3 years since we last saw eachother. I love your quirky English and wish my French was at the same level. You've got a unique style. I don't know anyone else who dresses so chic.

laurel_mcivor - Going to try and make it to your party next Friday. You were a wonderful supervisor to have. I learned a lot about myself and (hopefully) have been able to create stronger working relationships with people because of your feedback.

akinakin - Glad to hear you're going back to Thailand. What I value about you is that even though you tend to see rules as not truly applying to you... when I caught you crossing the lines I'd drawn you took my feedback, made amends and didn't challenge my authority (and then made sure not to get caught the next time!)

orchid2 - You're a beautiful and confident woman and I am so glad that you're enjoying your social time.

mojavefive - I don't know you super well and we haven't really corresponded in a while, but what I appreciate most about you is how you wield your empathy. If I complain, you don't try to solve the problem, or make things okay -- you just acknowledge how I'm feeling and share your own similar experiences.

sow_seeds - Thank you for always being there for me. I know whatever happens I've always got a home away from home with you.

mkashaw - I've been saying loads of nice things about you lately to all the prospective employers that keep calling for references... what I value about you the most is your willingness to accept criticism and how you strive to continue learning and improving.

breau - I love how you keep your sense of humour when the world decides to make your day hell. I love how you're honest with me when I piss you off and that you are upfront with how you feel about our friendship. Miss you girl. Can't wait to "do Asia" with you.
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