A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Just got back from Ottawa (okay -- been home for about an hour)... I think I am a bit nuts for driving about 11 hours total, to spend less than 19 hours somewhere.

But it was cool to stay at Marn's place last night. The flower story killed me. I sent her some "on-line ordered" Calla Lilies when her kitty passed-on a couple weeks ago. Well the flourist either thought from the card that a person died and upped the order, or just got the dollar amount way wrong (I paid $45 US) because she recieved this magnormous vase (big enough to become a fish tank she says) full of gigantous lilies (with stalks you could use for snorkling she says) and she was flabbergasted (to use shmanny's cool word of the week). Her mom thought I'd spent about $150 and figgured I belonged in the looney bin "What would she buy if you're uncle died? A new car?" ... and apparently the flowers were so tall that when put on the dining-room table they made intimate contact with the chandelier! People would come into the house and say "Who died?" and not be satisfied with the response: "Marnie's cat!" She and I laughed our brains out about it last night when she told the story of the flowers to overtired me.

p.s. we also had a nice brunch this morning at Gryphons on Elgin.

Other news... saw my mom's sister's family and went to Noah's baptism. It was nice to catch up with everyone (epespecially Suzanne). Something that a lot of Christians and non-Christians alike don't get about me is that even tho I do not believe in God, I enjoy going to church. I might not believe in the Holy Spirit, but I believe in human spirit and I like the energy that worship generates. The service tonight was really beautiful. I was almost in tears at a couple points. It was Baptism by water of a whole slew of folks who were all giving their heartfelt testimony.

Driving home tonight after I cranked up the tunes and sang my lil' heart out. It was really good distraction from the driving sleet/hail/snow/rain and freezing rain I made my way through. White knuckled me is chilling on-line a bit before bed cuz I just am too caffeinated and wound up to sleep yet.
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