A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

So I was starting to feel a bit depressed earlier this week. And I was in the "chin up" and talk-myself-out-of-it frame of mind. Which is how I usually deal with my depressed moods, I just kind of force myself back into a routine and "deal with it best I can."

So now I am wondering if this physical illness, not quite cold, not quite flu, but not at all nice ... which is dragging me right down and making me spend so much time sleeping ... if it isn't just actually, me giving into the depression and not wanting to admit it.


Pehaps I honestly just don't know what to do when I've got extended periods of time off and no definate plans. (and no source of income, and no local friends)

Or perhaps *sniffle cough moan* I just have a virus.
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