A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

So now my sister is crying and her bf (who's speaking loud enough that I can hear it through the wall) is saying: 'See what happens when YOU don't stand up to her??' like somehow my sister needs to deal with my mom.

My mom just enquired how the job situation was.. and the bf got all defensive .. started yelling. I started to say don't talk to my mom like that and he gets all yelling at me "Was I talking to you?" he says. Oooooh tough guy. Want to intimidate me? Act older than 12!

And so now somehow its all back on my sister again. Cuz they move out on the fifteenth, and my mom is only giving them last months rent. Not first (due on the 15th) or second (due on the 1st)... and the bf sees that as my mom being unreasonable. Sure. Its unreasonable for her to give you only $900.

And the bf has no job and spends just about every day lying here asleep on my sister's bed and yet somehow its MY MOM'S fault that they aren't going to be able to pay their rent.

I really really hate this guy now. Whatever I've said in the past about how sweet he is.. re-wind... delete.

My sister does not need the added stress of his hystrionics, my mom does not need to be browbeaten and yelled at by a fucking unemployed bum.

*deep breath* OK. End rant.
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