A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Awake at this insane hour and I slept the whole night through. Going to babysit with my sister (who can't stay the whole time cuz she needs to work... but who is getting all the pay which she needs for her upcoming rent because I am just "nice" like that).

Had messed up crazy dreams last night. I think mostly because I was talking to Rob last night. *huge hugs* to him. He deserves happiness. I'm sorry things aren't going according to his wish-plan :/

Going to Dundas, ON for a farewell party for a friend who is soon moving to Monrtreal... via a long trip to Nunavut et al. She's awesome and I haven't seen her in almost 2 years so should be a blast.

Then I am heading to my favourite monkey's place to crash for the night and so we can go see Spiderman or some other movie together tomorrow. Should be cool. Haven't seen him in almost a month (since his dad got hitched).

Then Sunday I am going to do everything that I've been putting off doing and get my whole "To-Do" list done so that next week I can feel absolutely no guilt and no pressure and just seriously CHILL.

It's going to be a tight few weeks. I've basically spent every penny I made last year (and then some) and I don't start working again until the last week of May. If I am lucky I'll get an EI cheque sometime before then. Otherwise, I'm going to have to go to DEMF on credit. Not the best idea to spend my first two paycheques before receiving them. But not the end of the world either, because I know that there will be nine months of pay cheques guarenteed. (Followed by three months of travelling in Asia woot woot!)

Okay. Stinky me needs a shower. Then off to babysit. Wish me luck. I'm used to working with older kiddies now.
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