A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

So my non-veggie sister bought the wrong tofu. I wanted to make pad thai. She brought home this silken extra soft stuff that I've only ever used before in soups and deserts.

So I think, well it can't hurt to fry it up. So I slice it thin and put it in a pan of hot oil (half olive half sesame) with some tamari and chili sauce. Leave it for ages but all the really happens is that in trying to flip it, I break it up into lil pieces. So I figure, screw it.

Open up the cupboard, looking for rice, but only find some uncle ben's quick cook butter parmesan schmazz. Three minutes or less says the label.

So I cook that up. Chop up the green onions I would have used for pad thai and throw them in to cook with the rice. Dig around in the fridge and find a half used tomato. Cut that up. In it goes.

Finally throw in the bean sprouts (they'll go bad by the next time I cook on Sunday) and then, rice cooked.. I figure I might as well throw in the greasy tofu slop too.

Stir, mix, heat a bit.... and yum. This is actually quite good. I might even make it again, on purpose!
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