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Went briefly to Dundas, ON last night to go to a party. Didn't stay long. It was nice to catch up (however briefly) with Laurel. We haven't seen each other in almost two years. But the party was a going away do for her (and her bf who I just met last night) and it was mostly locals and staff from their jobs and people who knew eachother, and I only knew her... so I just made my visit a real "pop-in" kind of thing.

She was walking me to the door when I left, you know, the requisite hugs and "I'll come visit in Montreal"s etc and two steps from the front door the waitress comes up and says: "Oh, Did someone else already pay for your juice?" MAN was I embarrassed. I seriously forgot. Laurel and I had a good laugh in the end, about how I was stiffing her for my HUGE tab ($1.75 I think!) heh heh

Now I am in London, ON. Got here earlier than I'd told Pete I would (9:45pm) and he lives above a store and doesn't have a very loud door bell. He had his headphones on (as usual) and so after ringing his doorbell for ages (and being looked at curiously by the bus-stop people) I hopped in the car and drove over to his mom's to call him from there. heh heh. Similar thing happened last time. Its nice to see his mom tho. She's cool.

We rented movies last night ("K-Pax" and "Metropolis" (the anime one, couldn't find the 1967 but need to rent that too eventually)... then we watched TV and a whole other movie first before starting into our rentals. The TV movie was this Canadian one about this hockey player turned supermodel. Was a lot funnier than I first expected. Especially since Dan Akroyd played the kind of ass I truly believe he is IRL (of course I've only met him _that once_ so my view is biased).

We eventually went to sleep at nearly 5 am. Had to stop Metropolis about half way through. I couldn't make it. I'd been awake nearly 24 hours straight.

Metropolis is good. But its visually dense. And Pete has quite the smallish TV (you know, one of those VCR/TV in one gizmo boxes). I think I'd like the eye-candy that Metropolis is much better on a full screen. The plot is a bit slow for me too. And pretty campy as sci-fi goes.

Plans for today.. when we actually "wake up for real" we're going to see a Matinee (prolly Spiderman) and the out for dinner. And then depending on my mood/state of tiredness, we might go see an early show too. Cuz "Atannarjuat: The Longest Runner" doesn't have a matinee (or we'd for sure see that over Spiderman). It's a long movie tho, so that would mean getting back to Orangeville tonight quite late. But I can always sleep all day tomorrow. :) My mom LOVES that.

I'm still agitated thinking about my sister's bf. I hope things have simmered down a lot more by the time I get home. For those of you that know me well, knowing that I raised my voice in anger toward him should give you some indication of how much I loathe him. I have a really hard time getting showably mad. I almost never yell in anger.

Oh, final thing. I forgot the mod-robes I bought for breau at home ... wanted to take them to her mom's to include in the next "package"... so I guess I'll just mail them next week myself. Can't be that 'spensif, they're light enough. Will be much later than her birthday tho. But I don't feel too much guilt cuz the package she just got (should be just getting? hope its not still fubbed) has birthday wishes and lots of lil things. :)

Hrmmm.. that's about it. Gonna shower, get dressed, and then wake the sleeping bear. He's not exactly what you'd call a morning person. And I have this weird thing about not wanting to disturb the sanctity of sleep without a damned good reason. Me being a bit bored doesn't qualify. But when I get hungry enough, that'll suffice as a reason! :)
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