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I am going through stuff and throwing it out. And I came across this diary/journal that I started when Kate and I were moving out west. I decided since it was short to type it in here and save it (since I am throwing the journal out).

Couple of comments: I don't remember having such a huge crush on Laura (but it reads that way). Many of the things I chose to write about would not be the things I remember from that trip now when I think back on it.

August 28, 1998
The mess is because I am writing in the car in the dark. Its the first day of Kate & my great adventure west. The journal was a gift from Andrew & June, who are engaged now (surprise, surprise!)

We're on the road just outside of London, ON. A lot has happened in the past 24 hours to bring us here. (By the way, Kate thinks I am crazy for writing in the dark, but I am on too much of a high from the news that Laura is also coming out west to live with us to sleep).
Laura is so cool. In a very "her being around energizes and excites me" kind of way. I am completely thrilled she's coming with us.
Really I am so deeply ready for this change we have undergone. The drive out is our cocoon and we will metamorphis on our journey. Once in Vancouver we will be new people. Or at least pretend to be.

So back to the last few hours - starting at dinner last night. Hopefully these highlights will be enough to jog the stories for later because trust me when I say there is character material here:

  • Tanya (of course) had no money.
  • Stacey hiding in the back of Kate's car (okay that was the day before at Denny's)
  • Andrew & June brought a gift but couldn't stay b/c it was Andrew's birthday
  • Heather came
  • Karoline was mad I invited Marc, even tho he didn't come
  • Denise got contacts
  • Justine brought Chris
  • Tracey brought Kate chocolates
  • Sombraro pictures (LOL)
  • After we went to Tanya's for beer then to the Trash.
  • a boy at Bubbas made Denise laugh and wiggled his ass
  • "From your mother"
  • sparkle red underwear

But the best was tonight eating out at ESM w/Laura who showed of pictures of Renee who looks like someone I met at PSA).
So all in all, moving is super cool, and the goodbyes were fun fun fun. Still, I will miss Pete so much. I need to find some kind of cool postcard to send him from along the way.

We're in Delhi now where the guy with no shoes from Pearl Jam's parent's tobacco farm is.

I am not really going to miss my family at all. I love being free of them. Maybe I can find multiple excuses never to go home again. The leaf is from Laura's tree. I snatched it as a momento from tonight. More than just words.

Madonna on the radio. More later. Time to sleep now.

p.s. poem idea (we're at a rest stop in MI), Water St. & 69 "walk lightly, STOMP " something angel vs. whore-ish

oh and why isn't there a fridge-magnet poetry backdrop for your computer? you know with drop down menus for random words or whatever?

29 Aug 98
Got to K-zoo at 4:30am. Slept til 8:30ish. Went for breakfast with "the breakfast group." We're on our wa to meet her mom atm.

30 Aug 98
Yesterday just sped past as we travelled. Kate has been doing all the driving except a brief few hours I took the wheel yesterday and wyoming today. I am still incredibly excited about everything. And this trip has been most enjoyable so far (no real fights anyhow). We've seen the Mississippi River (crossed it even) and *can't read the illegible scrawl that is this next sentence*, we've dodged road animals (and Kate has avoided the attack of a few *another illegible word), adn we've had myriad bugs fly into our windshield.

We've stop at numberous gas stations & rest areas. Last night we stopped in buttfuck nowhereand the gas station/store was really cool. Lots of native art and fireworks and a ghost town museum. Gas was expensive tho.

The attendent asked if we were "Thelma and Louise" and told us not to go driving off any cliffs.

The countryside has been wild, natural, beautiful. Colours red green gold, so vivid. We've seen cows, horses, donkeys, road kill. I feel at peace riding along. Its a kind of vacation from the real world. I couldn't live out here in these dry lonely states but I'd like to visit them again.

1 Sep 98
Yesterday we arrived in Vancouver around 1pm. We went downtown by skytrain and had dinner at Goodfellas. The waiter was really really friendly.

Kate loved downtown and so we are trying to find a place down there. Dunno yet if Laura is going to come or not. We went to a cool store on Granville. Going back for some stickers for Pete sometime. Also went to a cool bookstore on Robson. We got our palms read by a guy on the street. He said he was part warlock and had a badge from the PNE.

Stuff he told me:
* three significant others in my life, followed by two "life mates" (the first one would die).
* two affairs / flings
* 3 children (one girl, one boy, one "wierd girl")
* to be successful I'll need a lucky break
* travel to Russia and to south europe
* need more vitamins
* I have a different ideology than the rest of my family
* I have some psychic potential
* I have an "even disposition" I need to be more aggressive
* higher than average drives (sex/money/food)

Kate had less time with him, but he is convinced she is soon to meet her love/husband and she is freaked out.

2 Sep 98
Still apartment hunting. Has been slow going. Today we went to a rental listing agency and got some appointments. Kate and I are sick of being together all the time so we are going a bit nuts.

Got EI set up today. It will be just over $700/month but that is better than nothing until I get a job. I checked my e-mail last night from the north van library (they have free access) and I ran into Bella. Funny coincidence considering I only know her from working together at the Stauffer library at Queen's. She goes back to Kingston any day now. Kate wasn't amused "Only two days here and running into people you know!"

9 Sep 98
We're moved in. We have a phone. I've done all my change of addresses. I have e-mail hooked up. All that's left is to get a job and here I am hesitating. The money situation is bad tho, so I had better get off my ass and get something. Kate could probably survive even if she didn't get a job (her parents give her moola), but I gotta get something soon.

I've bee nday dreaming about writing something substantial. A novel maybe. I had a passing idea about "Other People's Friends" might work. You know, all the people you know that you've never met. Like Kate's Ted & Brian stories, or even my Brian stories to Kate. These people are real to us, and we "know" them, but they're someone else's friends... a kind of weird novel where these paths start crossing in even weirder ways... could work.

Talked to Pete on the phone today. Sounds like he's working a lot. Tanya's been playing chauffer for him. His company rigged this deal so they can get a rental car on demand. That's cool. Had to ask him to get my paycheque for me because Bonnie couldn't. Maybe he and Tanya can come out here for a visit during reading week or something. That would be very cool.

Rob, Peter Lewis, John, lots of people have said they might visit. We need to get furniature before that though. Its strange living in an apartment with no stuff. But I love this place. I mean, we've got goldfish in the front yard and everything.

I just need to get a job! *That's it*
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