A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

A scrap from a loose piece of paper that was in that journal. (I think I am going to be doing a lot of cutting and pasting into here over the next little while, as I throw out a lot of crap I've been collecting).

A fresh start. A new beginning. Once upon another time. More and more it seemed that she hungered for just that. A rebirth.

Her life wasn't miserable. Far from it. She shared her apartment with a law student, who even had a car. She had a TV, VCR, microwave, stereo, computer, most owned outright, some almost there. She had student loans, of course, but no more than the next person and far less than some. She even had a part-time job. But she lacked one thing quite integral to her survival. Purpose. She had no reason to live. And, she yearned for one desperatly. She almost reclaimed Christ as her saviour. but she knew she couldn't pull that off a second time. She needed a fresh start, a new beginning. Once upon another time she could be someone. Someone special. Someone real. Someone who mattered. Once.
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