A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Sometimes, when I haven't been writing for awhile, I get the urge to just completely fill a page with text. Nothing coherent. Nothing spectacular. Nothing planned. Nothing but lines and lines of text covering the page like wall-to-wall carpeting.

My aunt has over 1000 books on the shelves in her two-bedroom flat. None of their spines are scarred or creased. No dog-eared pages. No bookmarks. Not a single page has ever been read. But she keeps them all. Just in case.

She has two bedrooms, neither of which are used for sleeping in. The master bedroom suite was bought in 1986 but it could be sold with a 'slighty-used' tag. Every surface, bed, armoir, night-stand, floor has been crowded to overflowing with boxes and piles of junk. She keeps everything. An inventory of her apartment would yield newspapers from the week she moved in, bread-tags of loaves from yester-year, enough odds-and-ends to fill a million junk drawers. There are three boxes on her closet top shelve that have been there unopened since she moved in. She has two storage units in the basement. I asked her if she ever takes anything out of them. "It would be too hard to find," she tells me, "So I just buy a new whatever it is I am looking for."

She rarely cooks. Her cupboards hold ingredients for rumball recipes she hasn't attempted since the late 80's. Her fridge has condiments from restaurants that no longer exist. I convinced her to throw out the "peanut butter oil" she was saving in a shot glass.

When she empties her clean dishes from the Maytag dishwasher she lines the cutlery up to ensure that each spoon, fork and knife is matched above and below with fittingly curved implements.

More than half her clothes are four sizes too small and years out of fashion. She diets in hopes of one day wearing them again. Everything comes back into style if you wait long enough. All of her stockings have runs or holes in the heels. She wears boots so no one can see.

Bulletin board, fridge, mirror, anyplace a placard can go, completely covered with positive inspirational material. A mantra, a prayer, a laugh and a path. She motivates and energizes herself with printed word. Each card as unique as she is in this world.
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