A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Housecleaning... found another stash of "to-read" and "partly-read" books. Thought I'd add them to the previous list: * again for ones I've actually started
  • Crytonomicon (Neal Stephenson)* about five chapters to go
  • The Folk of the Fringe (Orson Scott Card)* read the first two stories
  • Saturday Morning Censors: Television Regulation Before the V-Chip (Heather Hendershot) * just one chapter in
  • Agent of Chaos (Norman Spinrad)
  • Obasan (Joy Kogawa)
  • Zen Lessons: The Art of Leadership (Translated by Thomas Cleary)
  • Gut Symatries (Jeanette Winterson)*
  • Anil's Ghost (Michael Ondaatje)
So really, I should be reading, instead of being on-line.
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