A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

I finally got around to addressing a bunch of mail that hasn't been sent (and has been piling here for ages)... so tomorrow I hopefully will be mailing:
  • A book and some stickers for supahduck
  • Some Thai souvenirs including manga for kisama
  • An autographed Lynne Johnston print (framed) for chandos
  • Some Thai souvenirs for Lori S. (who I used to work with at Katimavik)
  • Some mod-robes and a letter I forgot to mail from Victoria for breau
  • A card for one of my Thai participants (who has e-mailed me to see if I have received her snail-mail -- and I haven't replied to either, bad me!)
  • A card and photograph for my Aunt Klare
  • "The Conspiracy to Change the World" for jedi_waffle
  • And some groovey cool "Where the Wild Things Are" stickers I bought for Rob way way way back in February.
Do I procrastinate? yes.. very well.
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