A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Co-wrote a poem tonight to divert my mind from things making me teary-eyed and pathetic...

At the confluence of three rivers
Rachel stood and wept
And I knelt there, at the delta
Blood matted in my hair
In the Alpha and the Omega
And she said: "Let there be light!"
Legs spread and white
As winter's breath
Cold, unfeeling and wounded
Salvation out of reach
Snarling like a cur
Feeding hungrily at her ample breast
I slid a hand into her moistness
And my heart got stuck in her throat
So I gave her the Heimlich
And she gave me the finger
It was magic from the start
Neither Einstein, nor Dvorak
Could tear us assunder
Once, twice, three times
An infintessimal shredding
No blood, no sweat, no tears
Just fluids, by the confluence
Raw sewage, leeching into our bedsheets
That shall remain unwashed
Yesterday the rain sang to me
Or did it spit?
All my fish died, she claimed poison
The hideous thing, a hag
Toothless, hairy and belching curses
The forment of years of hatred
Unclean even in her thoughts
And you knew by the way she sucked cock
That her dentures weren't properly fastened
Or were in the glass on the nightstand
Bible secured in the drawer
It's there for the dying days
Numbered in roman numerals she can no longer read
The priest and doctor bringing her death
Fuel injected, racing hot
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