A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Okay. So if you know me irl you probably know that I have this mega crush on Moby (and if you didn't know, NOW you do!) He's just really the kind of guy I'd love to hang out with. Creative to all hell n' back. Although, I'm sure he has no time for hanging out at all right now while he's doing promo-shit. But ah well, thems the breaks that come with famedom.

Anyhow, my mini-fantasy was to post on his "journal" of practically daily updates that when I am bored I read him, so if he's bored, he's welcome to come here and read me. heh heh. But of course, the only way to message him is through a public board and I don't want a whole whackload of crazed Moby fans posting/flaming/spewing on my journal. So I chickened out.

But I did decide that since I can't got see him when he's in Toronto (with the Area2 tour)that I am going to road trip down to Philadelphia, PA and see it there. So there! Moby, Bowie, DJ Tiesto, and more more more.
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