A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

My sister's BFFH (boyfriend from hell) totally impressed both my mom and I tonight by smoking her up on weed. Of course she had a psychotic episode so we had to take her down to Emerg at the Clarke.

She's home in bed and okay now. But I just am not at all secure with her moving in with this guy. I mean, this happens EVERY time she smokes pot. He knows this. He's been through it with her more than once before and ALWAYS swears never to give her any again.

When she gets high, she freaks out. She starts talking to people who aren't there, and these "people" are all judging her and she feels like they're criticizing her. And she'll end up screaming and crying and she makes these terrible masks of pain and suffering. Its torture for me to watch, so its got to be hell for her to go through.

Of course when she started freaking out BFFH brought her home to mom to "deal with the problem."

On top of this all, BFFH has decided that since they're moving out on the 15th and he is STILL unemployed that he is applying for social assistance. So he got my mom to write them a letter that she is kicking him out on the 15th and he will need to be paying rent after that at his new apartment. So if he gets the money, I doubt he'll have any motivation at all to work.

So basically, he's helped my sister get a new apartment, made it so she'll have to work full time, she's barely able to survive the stress of it all, and then BAM! why not smoker her up too so that she can have some psychotic episodes on top of all that.

Great guy. Wish I had me one of those!
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