A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

My 'scope for today: "People will not appreciate your gossip, Anne-marie. If you talk about others when they are not around, you will be called to task about it. Either that or people will slowly file away the notion that you aren't someone who is very trustworthy. Don't give anyone a reason to think that this is so. Be a bit more sensitive when it comes to others and make sure you respect their privacy."

Its something I always need to be mindful about. I am too often too big a gossip. I am always stepping over the line between being "very open" and "too damned open."

Secrets bother me somehow. Although, I have kept some really hard to keep secrets. If I am told specifically not to disclose something, I'm okay. And in a work environ, I know what should be "confidential." But among family and friends, well foot-meet-mouth.
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