A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Emm got her gift today. Of course the glass broke. I KNEW it would. But when the woman at the post office said it wouldn't I decided to believe her, cuz I'm lazy like that :)

There is a song lyric from Sia Furler's album "Healing is Difficult," on a track called "Fear" that reminds me of Emm every time I hear it. I think I'll have to send her a copy eventually. The whole CD is pretty damned good.

I've been dreaming up ways to get to meet Moby. I think I'm going to write to his management company and see if there are any "back stage passes" or "after parties" for the gig in PA. Can't hurt to ask.

Last night talked a lot about plans for an end of June NYC road trip. I hope I can figure out a way to take enough time off in a row to make it worthwhile. I think I'd like four solid days there minimum (plus a day each way for driving). There's a lot of cool stuff to see and do. I can't believe I've never yet been to NYC.

Had a fight with my mom tonight. First time (possibly in my life) that I haven't apologized to her afterward. I don't intend to. I have no idea what she was thinking but she basically took my sister and I out for dinner and then just before we left started talking to my sister about last night and "why did you do that" and "do you know how it makes me feel" etc. etc. I felt like she basically ambushed her in a public place. My sister obviously got agitated right quick, and after two or three volleys of the conversation/heated discussion/argument back and forth between them I got up from the table and went outside. My mom came out pretty soon after ... and I just laid into her about how uncool it was for her to bring up such a big topic in a public and busy restaurant. I even said " What was that? Some kind of ambush! "

The only really bad thing about fighting with my mom is that when we got home, as I am sleeping on a futon in the living room, there wasn't really anywhere for me to go to get out of the way / avoid her. So I just curled up and went to sleep. So now its 2am and I am wide awake.

On a completely different topic, I don't think I wrote about this yesterday, but Dave took me with him to run errands in the city. Which was really nice, and then we went to see the Scorpion King, which was much better than I'd expected. The theatre was basically empty except for these three seniors (all women). I really think from their expressions at the end of the film that they were expecting another movie. But it was cool to spend the afternoon hanging out with Dave. He's a great friend.
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