A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

So I caved and joined the Moby.com boards. I really like to keep my comments and rants and raves to LJ. I'm kind of an LJ snob that way. But after I read two years worth of Moby Journal... I just felt like joining in on the fun.

And the cool thing is I have a fan club of my own there already.. tee hee.

Ikari> This is totally off-topic, but damn your name is cool! Welcome aboard!

RaV>welcome to the boards...what is the deal with your name?

Jaswinger>that is a really cool name! you're cool.

heh heh... my only gripe so far is that they have this notification thing to tell you when someone has responded to your post (akin to LJ).. but it just tells you "someone" has responded.. it doesn't forward you that response.
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