A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

umopapisdn:then its off to bed for me...
This is perhaps redundant because although I've just finished reading every 'Moby Journal' update I have not yet read more than a few board postings.. but...

Moby quite frequently in his updates has made comments about various negative things/flames that get posted here.. and sometimes he asks if people hate him, why do they bother wasting their time posting here...

Could the answer be, that the posters are trying to elicit a direct personal response from Moby. I mean, if I come into this board and write a big mushy crushy "I love Moby" gooey happy letter... the chance of any personal response from the mighty Mo is pretty slim. But if I rant and throw mud and make a big enough stink, then perhaps, he'll reply, and then I can point out to all my friends that I have a rather personal and intimate relationship with a mega-super-giga-normous-wonder star.

Just a thought.. it is nearly 3am.. it could be incoherent...

dolphinz:That's exactley what I was thinking the other day. maybe we should all write hate things to him just so he'll respond to us too!! yeah, and I agree with the lovey, mushy I think you're a wonderful artist stuff never gets mentioned, but the whole I Hate MOby blah, blah, blah almost always gets a response from him. Maybe in some way he's twisted and loves the hate stuff? Kinda like how some people are into the whole pain is pleasure kinda thing....

umopapisdn:I too think he's a masochist.
But aren't we all?

Danger:*raises hand*

um...I'm not.

umopapisdn: (oops, I forgot the patented "facetious" post script.. I was intending playful jocularity)
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