A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

I'm quite partial to "journal," here's why:
The story goes... Once upon a time there was a Canadian girl with a Moby-Crush who decided to read every 'Moby Update'... about half way through (and in the wee hours when brains get braver and hearts get dumber, or is that the other way round?) she decided to try and evade becoming a Moby-Board-Participant by sending an e-mail to Moby directly. She fabricated her best guess to his potential address, and sent a brief, witty, charming message --- pointing him to her livejournal.com account (so he could possibly get the same kind of voyeristic energy she was experiencing whilst perusing his posts -- I know.. nutso!)

And low and behold, the very next day, the name 'Moby Updates' is replaced by 'Moby Journal'.

"Oh My", thought the Canadian Moby-Crush owner, "He's received my e-mail, read my page, and started sending subtle communications in my direction. It's love for sure!"

(of course, further research yielded the fact that the address she sent her mush letter to belonged to the father of a 16 year old prep school student... not in fact, the mighty Mo).
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