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Analysis of Career
You love to be in the driver's seat. You are absolutely brilliant at delegating work and organizing others. You are a born leader, and that makes it difficult for you to follow others. The most important thing to you is to be in a position of authority and to be proud of your accomplishments. You can be a generous and giving boss; however, you must be sure you don't give away everything you make. You must attain financial security in order to have the type of lifestyle you require to be happy.
You are very giving, but you are not good at paying bills or debts--because you just can't be bothered. You really should have an accountant or a bank taking care of your finances in order to keep creditors off your back. Normally, you are lucky with cash and have no problem making money. Your extravagance and fun-loving attitude could lead to your downfall.
You work well in areas of entertainment; however, sales, luxury trade, the church, the law, or general wheeling and dealing are occupations at which you could excel.

Analysis of Self
You have intense emotional desires that can lead to possessiveness. You tend to overwork; you seek perfection, have tremendous staying power, and will see any matter through to the bitter end, regardless of the personal sacrifice involved. You despises weakness in yourself and in others. You are generous and compassionate, and will fight for the underdog. You believe in expressing yourself with undiluted truthfulness. You are highly secretive and extremely intuitive. Your eyes are penetrating and magnetic. You make a loyal friend or a vehement enemy.
You will always observe others carefully before you decide whether or not to befriend them. You will not tolerate dishonesty or laziness, and will only help those you believe are worthy of your time and effort. You feel that everyone who is close to you should maintain the same standards and morals as you do, and for anyone close to deviate from these standards would, to your mind, be an act of disloyalty.
You are a strong competitor. Although you don't go out looking for ways to prove yourself to others, when you are forced to do so you are unlikely to back down. You are an all-or-nothing individual with a do-or-die attitude

Analysis of Partnership (Relationship)
You like to enjoy your passions in comfort. Soft music, low lights, and good brandy are necessities. You prefer to be surrounded by beautiful objects, and you demand quality in all aspects of your life, including your partner. You don't like lovers who waste your time. If a potential mate really wants to be with you they shouldn't take too long to decide. You are patient, but chances are you'll fall asleep if they don't make their move. You don't care for a mate who argues with you; it is fruitless because there is no way they can possibly win. You are disinterested in a lover who plays hard to get. That's a game you just won't play. You are a physical individual; earthy, lusty and sensual; a connoisseur of food, drink, and lovemaking. When you take someone out for dinner or entertainment, you want to get value for your money. You also expect your partner to treat you well if you show them a good time. You are strong-willed, possessive and intensely emotional. You are protective of the lover who knows how to satisfy your substantial sexual cravings.
You are a complex lover, ruled by the planet Venus, which makes you instinctively knowledgeable of the art of seduction. You will welcome quality gifts from your lover. You always know exactly what you want, and you'll become moody if you don't get it. As long as your partner stays on your good side and treats you with tender loving care, you will be affectionate and generous. You are eager to learn about life, and the partner who can teach you will win your heart. You look for a lover who is sincere and appreciative, and who knows how to get the best quality items for the best price. If your chosen mate lives up to your standards, you will be a loyal, loving and excellent partner.
You delight in good cooking and fine wine. The way to your heart is definitely through your stomach. You are turned off by individuals who exaggerate or color the truth. You like to be admired, and will respond strongly if your lover is encouraging.

Analysis of Family
You have a unique way of putting things together. Your home will never fit any normal definition. You prefer to live in an open-plan concept, and lean toward futuristic surroundings. You fill your home with gadgets and all sorts of technological devices that will help make any tedious job get done quickly. You are not attached to your environment, and are quite willing to pick up and leave without a second thought, because this would offer you a chance to create another new and interesting living space.
Although you truly love your family, you are also able, if necessary, to detach yourself from them. You are remote, yet concerned with the well-being of those you love. You can distance yourself in order to offer sound advice without letting your feelings get in the way.

I wish the last couple sentences were really true...
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