A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Just spent the afternoon with "the Cass-tastrophe," as I've come to affectionately call her these past couple week, and her BF who was actually decent today. We went up to Thornbury to swim, soak in the Jacuzzi and roast in the Sauna then out to "Tony's Iron Skillet" for grub. And then came home.

Was supposed to be a family thing with mom too for the holiday, but she bailed at the last minute. I almost did too but then decided to go.

Bad news tho. They won't rent me the resort room for just the 8/9/10 of August (only way they could is if I call on the Wed. before and luck into someone else who's leaving early or what not)... otherwise I'd have to rent the whole week which is like $1000 including the discount so that's way unaffordable (and that too isn't guarenteed until one month prior)... so who the fuck knows where I am going to host the "Welcome Back breau Bash!"... anybody got a cottage in southern Ontario that they wanna rent me for a weekend? gah. Seems like that time of year people only rent weekly.
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