A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Oh.. so when the guy on the radio said: "For all those die-hard spiderman fans, there's a treat at the end of the credits" he didn't mean that there was another little dose of film (like say, at the end of Wayne's World).. he meant that they play the Spiderman theme song. :)

But I'm still glad we stayed.

I actually enjoyed the movie a lot more second run through. Perhaps because the theatre was basically empty. The screen was HUGE, and I had good company (not that Dave and my sister are mud).

Drove home in the rain listening to David Gray.. feeling relaxed and rather good. Walked into the apartment and could feel the tension seething. Had a long heart to heart with my mom before she went to bed. I think she's about at the end of her rope. *sigh*

I meant to go to sleep by midnight tonight originally. Now I'm bound to be online another hour or so at least. Need to wind down. Too uptight for sweet dreams.
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