A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Weird wild n whacky day yo!

Drove mom to school. Went to the Gallery. Too wet to really make it worth while today. The parts I like are the outdoor walks. Drove back to the school and slept in the car waiting for my mom. Two students rapped on the window and woke me up. Freaked me out. Heart racing. I was having a daymare. Something about my father. shrug.

Mom got done at 11:45 and we drove to Brampton. She's cheap. She didn't want to pay for parking. So we parked outside this KFC about a block from her appointment. It was 10 to 1pm and her appointment was for 1pm. I went in. Got some grub. Went back to the car to eat (it was a take out only joint) and started reading my book.

2:30pm rap rap rap on the glass. Its a cop. Sgt. Jackson. He's amused. Apparently the KFC people thought I was "casing the joint" and called the cops. LOL. OH NO, SHE'S GOT A BOOK!

He was really kind. We joked and laughed about it all. ANd I moved the car to the paid lot behind the Dr's office.

I went upstairs to meet my mom and the receptionist told me that she never checked in for her appointment. I made her double check the computer (this is almost 3pm now, two hours after I last saw her)... and the woman couldn't even bring up an appointment.

So I get a bit concerned. Check out all the other offices in the building. No more eye doctors. So I go back to the KFC and see if she's waiting there. No sign. I start to get a bit panicky. Where can my mom be? How do you lose a 50 year old woman?

I go back to the lobby of the building and call my sister to see if my mom has called. I consider calling the hospital (which is across the street and down a bit).. and the elevator doors open. Bam. It's my mom. She was there the whole time. Weird. Wild n' Wacky.
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