A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Cass and Kyle got their new place today and are part way moved in. The real haul happens this Saturday (hint hint if any locals want to lend a hand or two). They're sleeping there tonight.

They had agreed to make it a non-smoking environment but apparently Kyle and his mom were smoking inside when Cass went over earlier. I guess I won't be visiting too much. Cat fur is tough on my lungs.. but add smoke and I'm just not fun to be around.

TOC has already moved with them. We're still looking for a new home for Carol. Perhaps Kyle's niece will take her. She's a beautiful cat. Very affectionate. Well trained. Very loving. But I am just anticipating living in a cat free zone again. Although, it will take ages to get the fur and dander out of this apartment. At least I'll be less allergic. The all night coughing festivals can come to an end.

My mood right now is pre-weepy for some reason. I feel a good cry in the forecast and I am not even really sure why.
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