A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Just had this bizarre dream .. kept waking, and then falling back into it. It was futuristic, not far future.. just a few years.. there were a lot of people from my past in it. And most of it was a struggle to "get my way" and "be right." Some of it was in Ontario, some in Germany, and some in Thailand. Also, my father was in the dream and I had no animosity toward him. He was just one of the many people coming and going in my life.

One core part of the dream was making a list of my "true friends"... and it was really difficult because in the dreamspace there was this roster of attributes that they had to meet in order to be included in the "true friends" schema. I had three.

One really intense image of my dream was standing on this desert, sand swirling around me, dunes on all four sides, nothing at all in the distance that could be discernable as civilization. The sun was beating down on me, and I was clothed from head to toe in long cloth.. white, thin, protective. I was standing there, and I slowly turned around, scanning, and the sand around me was unbroken, I couldn't see from what direction I had come, there were no footprints, and I couldn't see what direction I wanted to go, no landmarks... and I sat and drank some water and I thought "This is what life is, you never know really where you've come from, and you never know really where you're going, you just hope you don't run out of water and that the sand doesn't work its way into your eyes." *shrug*
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