A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Got a call from Marn today. Sorry I missed it. She said something about good news *crosses fingers that its THAT good news!*

I'm off to London and then Detroit for the weekend, then starting work again next week (in Toronto the whole week) so if I don't get a chance to call back, don't freak! :) :)

(oh, and don't be worrying about me.. if my journal seems down tempo, its just my journal. I'm okay!)


Spent the whole day today at EI for a seminar. Rather useless and rather boring and blah blah blah.. it was gorgeous outside today tho. I went outside to eat lunch and just soaked up the sun. Felt like a Cheryl Crow Lyric or something. :)

Put an order in for that Bok book "Eunoia"... library doesn't have it. So I am going to buy it. Even tho I am trying to limit book purchases until I work my way through the heap I already have.

Was thinking a lot today about writing. I really want to dedicate some time to doing it. Once I get my room set up, and wrangle myself a schedule, I'm going to try to include at least an hour a day of writing ... oh, and an hour a day of physical activity. I'm much to sedintary lately.

I haven't slept more than one or two hours in the past couple days. I am having an insane bout of insomnia. I'm going to head to bed in a few and hopefully I'll crash. (Even if that will mean having to turn off the 'Blondie' special on MMM).
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