A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Thank you predicate...

Have you ever...
1. Fallen for your best friend?: Yes.
2. Made out w/ JUST a friend?: Yes.
3. Been rejected?: Of course. Who hasn't?
4. Been in love?: Too many times
5. Been in lust?: Yes.
6. Used someone?: Yeah, sadly.
7. Been Used: Too many times also.
8. Cheated on someone?: Yes. Never again.
9. Been cheated on?: Nod.
10. Been kissed?: Yes.
11. Done something you regret?: I can think of one or two things, but I don't hold them up like a shield.

Who was the last person...
12. You touched? Hugged my mom g'bye this AM.
13. You talked to? My mom
14. You hugged? See above
15. You instant messaged? Aren
16. You kissed? My mom's cheek this AM... more initmately? No comment!
21. Who broke your heart?: supahduck

Do you...
22. Color your hair? Nope. I like the gray!
23. Have tattoos? Three... and I think they're breeding.
24. Piercings? One in each year.. and a scar from the one that used to be in my left nipple.
25. Have a boyfriend? Nope. Would be nice.
27. Own a webcam? Nope. Don't intend to get one. It sort of creeps me out.
28. Ever get off the damn computer? Sometimes.
29. Sprechen sie duetsche? Nine.
30. habla espanol? Wish I did. Want to learn when my Aunt&Uncle buy their Mexican property.
31. Quack? Not anymore.

Have you / do you...
32. Stolen anything? Yes. And I've been caught too :/
33. Smoke? Not once. Not even one drag. I figure, if I never start, I'll never have to start quitting.
44. Schizophrenic? My sister is... who knows. Could happen.
45. Obsessive? Too often.
46. Compulsive? Once in a while
47. Obsessive Compulsive? Nope.
48. Panic? Not usually.
49. Anxiety? On and off. Usually manageable.
50. Depressed? Clinically? Once... plus occasional visits to meloncholy
51. Suicidal? Not presently.
52. Obsessed with hate? Nope.
53. Dream of mutilated bodies, blood, death, and gore? Not since my dad left.
54. Dream of doing those things instead of seeing them? Nope.
55. If you could be anywhere, where would you be? Thailand with Tik.
56. Who would you be with? Oh, see above.
57. What would you be doing? Catching up, laughing, being silly, speaking rather poor Thai, eating TERRIFIC food!
58. What are you listening to? The birds are waking up.
59. Can you do anything freakish with your body? I guess the answer depends on how 'square' you are.
60. Chicken or fish? Fish.
(What happened to 61. I think its missing?!?!)
62. Is Ice cream the best thing in the world? Umm .. nope.

(I've added stuff where letters were missing)

A - Age: 26 (until the 11th)
B - Best Quality: True friend
C - Choice of Meat: Tofu.
D - Dream Date: Uninterupted time with one I love.
No E? How about ... Excites you? Right now (don't think I'm a freak!): Going back to work.
F - Favorite Food: Pad Thai (subject to change depending on my mood)
No G? Guitar? Soon. Really. I mean it this time!
No H? Heaven or Hell? Depends on the day.
I - Interests: Here.
No J? Joy: Yes, its my middle name. Really.
K - Kool-Aid: Is there Peach or Mango?
No L? Love? Often.
M - Most Valued Thing I Own: My rings
N - Name: A-m
O - Outfit you love: Jeans & T-shirt
P - Pizza Toppings: Mushrooms, Green Olives, Extra Cheese, Pineapple, Onions
Q - Question Asked to You the Most: What the fuck is an umopapisdn?
No R? Rating on HotOrNot? Haven't done it yet.
S - Sport to watch: Honestly? Ice Skating or Gymnastics
T - Telivision Show: Law & Order
U - Your Favorite Song: Sia - "Sober & Unkissed" (this minute, this is also subject to change by my mood)
No V? Vicar or Vixen? I like to think Vixen.. heh heh.
W - Winter: I prefer to be overseas.. Asia is nice!
No X? X-rated? As often as I can manage.
Y - Year Born: 1975
Z - Zodiac Sign: Gemini
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