A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Yesterday was a blast!!!

Hightlights of our Detroit experience:
  • Super easy border crossings
  • The "Food Dance Liquor" sign
  • Standing under a tree and still being pelted with the pouring rain
  • Free CD in the washroom (although, listening to it on the way home, its CRAP!)
  • Swedish Fish (like the berries, only fish shaped)
  • Pete's onion dog
  • Giving the second half of my Veggie Lo Mein to the persistent homeless dude
  • Taking a break to walk around downtown
  • Detroit architecture
  • Not mugging the digital cam dude
  • Grabbing a bite at 'Plaka' in Greektown (including this truly bottomless cup of coffee.. I'd take a sip, he'd fill it up, I'd take a sip, another refill!)
  • Dancing in the mud
  • Shawn and Toni (and Shawn's Canada experience)
  • Chicken Man, Freedom Dancer, Bald Bacardi Spice Guy, Hello-Kitty girl, Punk Hair Girl, Lotsa Writing T-Shirt Guy, Mesh Shirt Girl, Too Cute Couple, Bottle in Paper Bag Guy, Clap Your Hands PULEEEASE Guy and all the other people I kept seeing over and over again
  • The elephants (which of course, Pete never saw)
  • Loud tugboat horn (YOWZERS!)
  • Little kids dancing (or running in the water)
  • "The stairs are _that_ way!"
  • Deepchord's set (sounded like music underwater) that was really only one loop... I think maybe they've got it down by now!
  • Grant, Dearborn and Atkins (the only names I can remember)
  • The lack of subtle mixes, and the whacky mistakes and CD skipping
  • Free stickers... I liked especially the "I want you in my pants!" from Mod-robes (although the Pac-Man ghost I found was neat too)
  • Road kill carnage on the way home (not fun at all)
  • Pissed-off duck music (aka Portishead)
My ears are still buzzing today from the whomp whomp techno. It would be awesome to go for all three days next year, but I have to start work tomorrow :/

Game plan for today: Grab a shower, wake up Pete, take bedding stuff back to his mom's, grab a bite to eat, drive home, repack, head to the Avenue Rd HoJos, crash. :) Don't have to be into the office until around noon tomorrow. Yay!
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