A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Finished "Regional Planning & Training 1" last night. Helped a friend move a bunch of his stuff from his current abode to his soon to be new digs. Then we went for dinner at this Hungarian place (near Bathurst and Bloor)... was pretty good food. A bit too bland for both of us. We started talking and the next thing we knew it was 9pm. Fun evening.

Got to Sjors' place around 10pm and became the loathed "fifth wheel." (Well, probably only in my own mind.. but anyhow). Sjors had a gal over who he used to work with back in PEI. He hadn't seen her in ages. So they were doing the catch up thing. She was cool, but basically had his undivided attention. Very beautiful, actor (recent grad from the Montreal School of Theatre)...

Darren had invited Alex to join us. And they spent most of the time either alone in another room (*raises eyebrow*) or outside on the verandah. Alex played a couple songs for us. She sure can sing. Her one song had really politically loaded lyrics and a very Ani D. style. It was called "Suzie Wong" and it was about Hong Kong.

Around 1 AM Sjors' PEI gal had to leave to take the last subway home, and Darren and Alex left... (I think Darren went to spend the night with Alex??? *tsk tsk!* LOL. He's known her ALMOST a whole week!)

Anyhow, Sjors and I finally had a chance to chitchat and catch up. It was nice. Finally went to bed around 3am. His roomie is away so I snagged her room. For some reason her ALARM went off at about 4am. Man I woke up so many times last night to strange noises (damned PIGEONS). So now I am awake at 9am and waiting for Sjors to stir from his room so that we can breakfast before I head to Ottawa.

He's got really groovy high speed internet here! :) That's a bonus.

Today's plan: Brekky with Sjors, drive to Ottawa, hook up with Fer, call Marnie... drive out to her cottage, chill chill chill...

Going to head to Kingston on Monday to hook back up with Darren.. home Monday evening.
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