A-m (umopapisdn) wrote,

Came to London. Was a cool fun night. Went to see "About a Boy." Pete's mom came along, and for dinner too. There was a slight akward moment for me when we divided up the dinner bill because I wasn't sure if I was paying for just myself, or for Pete too. heh heh. Anyhow, I put in about half the total and so did she. So all's good.

Pete and I got two guide books for our upcoming NYC adventure. One has Top 10 Lists of everything from Museums to Monuments, Statues to Studios, Buildings to Ball parks.. you get the idea. The other is a fold out map in sections of the city with lots of highlights.

We've picked the 27th as our ETD. That way we can go see this event at Vinyl that Pete's keen on.

Anyone know about transit stuff in the NYC area? What about commuter trains from CT? Do they have any multi-passes? We're only going to be there 3-4 days.. so we might just have to one-off our fares. *shrug*

They're painting my mom's apartment so I think I'll stay in London for most of today too.
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